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Learn Thai Alphabet App

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Learn Thai Alphabet Letter

Hi guys,

Remember the app I told you about a while ago, the Learn Thai Alphabet App I created a while ago to help me and you guys learn the Thai Script, numbers and common phrases in Thai? Well, I’ve updated it a lot since then and as of November 2016, it has a lot of features that really make it easy for me to remember the Thai Script and also very common phrases to use in every day situations.

Some of the features the Learn Thai Alphabet are:

  1. Clear, correct and pleasant Thai tone Audio for all the sections of the App including all the tabs and sub divisions.
  2. Automatic Mode -> scrolls through automatically speaking out the sounds with a toggle to define the speed of transition to your liking and skill as you improve.
  3. Displaying the pronunciation of the sounds both in the beginning/middle of the words as well as the sound at the end.
  4. Practice Writing the alphabet letters, vowels, numbers and all the phrases by yourself – which is great for remembering.
  5. Sub division of each tab (by class, length and etc).

The Learn Thai Alphabet consists of the following sections:

  • 44 consonants
  • 28 vowels
  • The numbers.
    Common Phrases:
  • Colors
  • Days of the week and Months of the year
  • Timing
  • Clock reading
  • Durations
  • Questions
  • Pronouns
  • Animals
  • Family.

Please try out the app and enjoy learning the Thai script with me. If you enjoy the App, Please share it with your friends and help me spread the word about the Learn Thai Alphabet App.

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